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The Importance of Internet Speed

Few things affect productivity more than data lag.

Perhaps you experience transfixed hypnotism as you stare at the spinning beach ball on your screen. The stutter and stop of a video playback might embarrass you in a crucial sales meeting. Or you might even have to remove yourself from the source of your building frustration, walking away from your desk as it slowly downloads the third update of 25.

Slow or lagging internet speed decelerates the mind, lowers the emotional mood, and results in unscheduled breaks. Of course, nothing will bring your work day to a standstill faster than a paused internet connection.

Then, even after the information starts flowing again, it takes a while to regain momentum.

Competitive Advantage

Speed is a must-have commodity in today’s data-centric society and businesses require efficiency and speed in order to compete. Information must be accessible at all times, including remotely and on mobile devices.

Memory and storage specialists, Sandisk, studied the effect of lost productivity based on slow internet speeds. A full week of productivity was lost each year by the average user, as they stared at blank screens waiting for web pages to load or for data to upload or download. What could your sales force accomplish with an additional week of work time?

Nobody is faster than Smithville Fiber. Let us show you how to improve your productivity and internet speed with custom or turnkey communication solutions.

Predicting the Future

Scalable Communication Solution to Manage Your Flying Car

When people envisioned the a few future decades ago, they saw the 21st century populated by flying cars and futuristic meals in pill form. Even though we don’t have flying cars, we now know the future is impossible to pin down accurately.

So how do you make an educated guess as to what technology foundation you’ll need for your business in the future?

Scalable Assurance

In order to meet the growing demand of business in the 21st century, choosing fiber optics as your communication bedrock allows for assured confidence in scalability. The adoption of advanced fiber optics and innovative communication solutions creates a solid platform to accommodate future growth and expansion.

A robust infrastructure remains paramount to future proofing your business, thus creating a well-ordered foundation significant enough to handle an increase number of clients and customers in the future. Consider must also be given to the fact that technology hardware and points of connection will increase over the years, each new tool requiring a steady diet of bandwidth.

Faster Speeds

Scalability means flexibility as your business expands and contracts. You can be confident in the data speeds available to you, even as new equipment, new customers, and new employees are piled onto your infrastructure. But you also know data solutions can be scaled back to appropriate levels.

Here’s some good news!

There is no need to speculate. Even the wildest imagination can’t envision the commonplace technology we’ll be using in future decades, but we do know technology solutions, imaging or images, and data consumption will only increase.

Future proof your business with the scalable choice of fiber optics from Smithville Fiber. After all, you need someplace to connect your flying car.

Call Smithville Fiber today to get a no-obligation quote on future proofing your business.

Security Detail

Increasing Concerns—And Budgets—Aimed at Cybersecurity

For the 2016 fiscal year, the President’s Budget proposed a total of $14 billion in cybersecurity funding, covering everything from federal networks to corroborating innovative cybersecurity technologies.

One short year later, the United States government is planning to invest over $19 billion for cybersecurity as part of the President’s Fiscal Year (FY) 2017 Budget.

“This represents a more than 35 percent increase from FY 2016 in overall Federal resources for cybersecurity, a necessary investment to secure our Nation in the future.”

Even with the government taking cybersecurity measures, it is important to proactively protect your business with immediate, closely held security protocols.

Security Through Fiber

Your business’ cybersecurity can be increased greatly just by switching to fiber optics. Fiber alone decreased security concern in three primary ways:

  1. Modulated light beams transfer the data, which does not radiate signals
  2. A breach is easily identifiable by a total system failure, rather than operating undetected
  3. A point-to-point fiber line is dedicated to your business, and not shared with others

Additionally you can lower your risk of a cyber breach by creating a strong internal protocol and investing in a reliable third party provider.

On average, 3.8 percent of a company’s IT budget is allocated to information security.

Are you doing everything to eliminate cybersecurity threats before they become reality?

Relieving Password Pain

password-keyTrying to log into a website when you’ve forgotten your password has to be one of the more frustrating activities of the day. But there is nothing more frustrating than losing access to your account or being hacked when someone breaks your passcode, accessing all your private data.

Best Practices for Hard-to-hack Passwords

Experts have created a list of best practices when it comes to creating an unbreakable, secure password, which includes:

  • Use at least 12 characters.
  • Mix it up with numbers, special symbols, caps and lower case letters.
  • Avoid dictionary words or phrases.
  • Never reuse a password on a different site.

Unfortunately, most of us break these rules, by creating an easy password of our dog’s name paired with our birth year or a nickname followed by our favorite number. We then use “Rufus1969” as the passcode for all our logins.

The Trick is Remembering Your Password

There are ways to create AND remember a complicated, hack-proof password.

The key is to create a base password such as J&Jw3nt//theH!77 . This uses multiple letters, symbols, and numbers.

It looks impossible to remember but not if you remind yourself “Jack & Jill went up the hill.” If you look closely, you can see how that reminder would help you type in the password.

Consider phrases, song lyrics, or personal stories to create your base password phrase.

Since you don’t want to use the same complicated password on all site, consider adding a prefix or suffix to your base password. For example, add AmA for Amazon to the front or back of your password for a customized, individual passcode.

Outsource Your Password Recall

One solution is to invest in a password manager, such as LastPass or 1Password. These tech tools generate and remember your passwords for you, usually for a paid fee. However, it is far less expensive than trying to regain control of your bank account.

Consider tools like the following for generating and tracking your passwords  across all devices.

Last Pass offers a free, paid, and enterprise version of their password generator and vault. They store your passwords in a secure vault with exceptional encryption and autofill your login as you browse. Passwords are available across multiple devices, which includes fingerprint support.

1Password is ideal for families or small businesses, as it keeps track of up to five (5) individual’s passwords in their advanced encrypted digital wallet. Additionally, 1Password offers Watchtower, which keeps abreast of new threats and personal one-on-one support.

All About Speed: Indiana’s Fastest Internet

The month of May is all about speed. The 100th Running of the Indianapolis 500 is on May 29, 2016, a sporting event solely focused on speed.

Did you know that the top speed at the first Indianapolis 500 was 74 miles per hour? In today’s world, that’s the minimum speed for driving around the I-465 circle in Indianapolis!

Last year, on the 99th running, Will Power of Team Penske reached 229 miles per hour. That’s a 209% increase.

Exponential Increase

Much like racing, speed capabilities for the internet have increased exponentially over the years. But so has the amount of traffic for each communication line.

A spike in bandwidth fatigue can be attributed to several heavy use applications such as:

  • BYOD policies
  • content management systems
  • peer-to-peer sharing
  • streaming services
  • video conferencing

Speed Tip: Note the location of your router and optimize its location. Shoulder-height and unobstructed is the best choice. 

Speed as a Business Advantage

Today’s communication strategies are reliant on speed and productivity.  High-speed capacity is an advantage to businesses by allowing daily tasks to be processed faster and business functions to run seamlessly.

Slowed speed or lag time could result in a failed webinar, delayed orders, poor customer service, and frustrated visitors.

Speed Tip: If your modem has a cache, unplug for 30 seconds to clear the cache and increase speed.

When your business is based on clear and timely communication, you can’t afford to neglect internet speed. It is one of the crucial keystone to your business and requires current, up-to-date technology.

With Smithville Fiber’s high-speed internet, you’ll experience the ability to upload and download at lightning fast speeds.

Your data connection is pivotal to the advancement and success of your company. Don’t be left in the dust. Get Indiana’s Fastest Internet with Smithville Fiber.

Future proof your business

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