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The Importance of Internet Speed

Few things affect productivity more than data lag.

Perhaps you experience transfixed hypnotism as you stare at the spinning beach ball on your screen. The stutter and stop of a video playback might embarrass you in a crucial sales meeting. Or you might even have to remove yourself from the source of your building frustration, walking away from your desk as it slowly downloads the third update of 25.

Slow or lagging internet speed decelerates the mind, lowers the emotional mood, and results in unscheduled breaks. Of course, nothing will bring your work day to a standstill faster than a paused internet connection.

Then, even after the information starts flowing again, it takes a while to regain momentum.

Competitive Advantage

Speed is a must-have commodity in today’s data-centric society and businesses require efficiency and speed in order to compete. Information must be accessible at all times, including remotely and on mobile devices.

Memory and storage specialists, Sandisk, studied the effect of lost productivity based on slow internet speeds. A full week of productivity was lost each year by the average user, as they stared at blank screens waiting for web pages to load or for data to upload or download. What could your sales force accomplish with an additional week of work time?

Nobody is faster than Smithville Fiber. Let us show you how to improve your productivity and internet speed with custom or turnkey communication solutions.

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