Relieving Password Pain

password-keyTrying to log into a website when you’ve forgotten your password has to be one of the more frustrating activities of the day. But there is nothing more frustrating than losing access to your account or being hacked when someone breaks your passcode, accessing all your private data.

Best Practices for Hard-to-hack Passwords

Experts have created a list of best practices when it comes to creating an unbreakable, secure password, which includes:

  • Use at least 12 characters.
  • Mix it up with numbers, special symbols, caps and lower case letters.
  • Avoid dictionary words or phrases.
  • Never reuse a password on a different site.

Unfortunately, most of us break these rules, by creating an easy password of our dog’s name paired with our birth year or a nickname followed by our favorite number. We then use “Rufus1969” as the passcode for all our logins.

The Trick is Remembering Your Password

There are ways to create AND remember a complicated, hack-proof password.

The key is to create a base password such as J&Jw3nt//theH!77 . This uses multiple letters, symbols, and numbers.

It looks impossible to remember but not if you remind yourself “Jack & Jill went up the hill.” If you look closely, you can see how that reminder would help you type in the password.

Consider phrases, song lyrics, or personal stories to create your base password phrase.

Since you don’t want to use the same complicated password on all site, consider adding a prefix or suffix to your base password. For example, add AmA for Amazon to the front or back of your password for a customized, individual passcode.

Outsource Your Password Recall

One solution is to invest in a password manager, such as LastPass or 1Password. These tech tools generate and remember your passwords for you, usually for a paid fee. However, it is far less expensive than trying to regain control of your bank account.

Consider tools like the following for generating and tracking your passwords  across all devices.

Last Pass offers a free, paid, and enterprise version of their password generator and vault. They store your passwords in a secure vault with exceptional encryption and autofill your login as you browse. Passwords are available across multiple devices, which includes fingerprint support.

1Password is ideal for families or small businesses, as it keeps track of up to five (5) individual’s passwords in their advanced encrypted digital wallet. Additionally, 1Password offers Watchtower, which keeps abreast of new threats and personal one-on-one support.

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