All About Speed: Indiana’s Fastest Internet

The month of May is all about speed. The 100th Running of the Indianapolis 500 is on May 29, 2016, a sporting event solely focused on speed.

Did you know that the top speed at the first Indianapolis 500 was 74 miles per hour? In today’s world, that’s the minimum speed for driving around the I-465 circle in Indianapolis!

Last year, on the 99th running, Will Power of Team Penske reached 229 miles per hour. That’s a 209% increase.

Exponential Increase

Much like racing, speed capabilities for the internet have increased exponentially over the years. But so has the amount of traffic for each communication line.

A spike in bandwidth fatigue can be attributed to several heavy use applications such as:

  • BYOD policies
  • content management systems
  • peer-to-peer sharing
  • streaming services
  • video conferencing

Speed Tip: Note the location of your router and optimize its location. Shoulder-height and unobstructed is the best choice. 

Speed as a Business Advantage

Today’s communication strategies are reliant on speed and productivity.  High-speed capacity is an advantage to businesses by allowing daily tasks to be processed faster and business functions to run seamlessly.

Slowed speed or lag time could result in a failed webinar, delayed orders, poor customer service, and frustrated visitors.

Speed Tip: If your modem has a cache, unplug for 30 seconds to clear the cache and increase speed.

When your business is based on clear and timely communication, you can’t afford to neglect internet speed. It is one of the crucial keystone to your business and requires current, up-to-date technology.

With Smithville Fiber’s high-speed internet, you’ll experience the ability to upload and download at lightning fast speeds.

Your data connection is pivotal to the advancement and success of your company. Don’t be left in the dust. Get Indiana’s Fastest Internet with Smithville Fiber.

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