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Powering Up Digital Transformation

World-class connectivity and superior network engineering support from Smithville can help your enterprise build superior customer experiences, efficient supply chains, on-time manufacturing operations, critical healthcare delivery, IoT development and more. Drive productive digital transformation with Smithville-powered strategic solutions.

Smithville offers global enterprise connectivity, Direct Internet Access (DIA), Point-to-Point fiber, world-class network design, voice options, business security, industry-specific service depth and more.

Internet & Networking

With Smithville’s 100-gigabit depth, elevate your enterprise with Smithville’s fiber-fueled core network, powering Indiana’s best business internet. Build a rock-solid reliable data management service with professional help from Smithville’s top-grade network engineers.

Voice Services

A full spectrum of crystal clear voice services can advance your enterprise – onsite or remote – through traditional-to-advanced voice technology capabilities with a global reach.

Business Security

Dedicated to protecting life and property, Smithville offers professional security monitoring and fire protection services to help protect your facility. From video surveillance, access control, and alarm services, Smithville has the solution to fit your business security needs.


Smithville Media produces high-impact video productions for a variety of companies, sports teams, our south central Indiana communities, and businesses.