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Engineer tapping buttons on virtual server

Engineering Your Internet with Care

Building on Smithville’s 100-gigabit depth, elevate your enterprise with Smithville’s fiber-fueled core network, powering Indiana’s best business internet. Build a rock-solid reliable data management service with professional help from Smithville’s top-grade network engineers.

Enterprise Direct Access (DIA)

Better throughput, synchronous bandwidth – Smithville delivers commercial-grade internet service on a pure fiber connection to your site, providing high performance and reliability for data management, IoT, supplychain, manufacturing, data center and cloud-based applications.

Point-to-Point Fiber

Smithville’s enterprise-level point-to-point solutions provide clear and secure direct connectivity from 100 Mbps to 10 Gigabit (10,000Mbps) and even higher – all at symmetrical speeds for maximum productivity between remote servers and local workstations.

Dark Fiber

Strategic solutions – a variety of connectivity options are available from Smithville, from individual strands of unlit fiber to complex multi-site designs customized for you and your organization. Smithville can support whatever speed, format, or wavelength you design and build into your network.

Distributed Denial-of- Service (DDOS) Mitigation

Smithville provides strategic DDoS mitigation to help successfully protect a targeted server or network from crippling DDoS attacks. Both sophisticated network security equipment and cloud-based detection and mitigation software can protect your company.