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Enterprise Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDOS) Protection

Many cyberthreats that hamper or even shut down companies and organizations include a Distributed
Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack. Smithville provides strategic DDoS mitigation to help successfully protect a
targeted server or network from DDoS attacks. How do we do this for your company? Smithville deploys an
enterprise level-cloud-based protection service and/or specially designed network equipment to help protect
its customers from a crippling DDoS attack.

Smithville solutions detect the difference between a high degree of legitimate web traffic and an outright attack. This is critical if a client is launching an online campaign or service that can be throttled by a DDoS attack. Through sophisticated online filtration, Smithville DDoS mitigation solutions can respond, segment traffic, and intelligently route legitimate traffic into manageable size that prevents the clogging-up and takedown of servers. Smithville solutions also possess the capacity to adapt to attack patterns and harden the network against future DDoS attacks.

Don’t wait for your network to come under a deliberate attack. Call or email for a free consultation for DDoS options from Smithville.