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Enterprise Direct Access (DIA)

Smithville’s Direct Internet Access (DIA) circuits deliver commercial internet service on a pure fiber connection to the customer site, providing high performance and reliability for data management, data center and cloud-based applications. Smithville fiber-based DIA solutions typically outperform other hybrid services that include copper or coaxial cable platforms and/or shared services.

Why a Smithville DIA solution? We offer your enterprise:

Guaranteed bandwidth. If you contract for 100Mbps (or whatever speed you select), you’ll receive 100 Mbps, guaranteed (with infinitesimally minimal or no latency, jitter or packet loss).

“Same speed” synchronous (or symmetrical) upload and download speeds. No “bait & switch” for overstated download speeds. Symmetrical speeds work well in remote service locations, cloud apps, VoIP, medical imaging/records transmission and other situations where upload speeds are as important as download speeds.

Better throughput. Smithville-supported networks prioritize throughput with fiber. Instead of running on an oversubscribed, jammed commercial network, Smithville DIA solutions serve your data needs by creating unique connectivity that maximizes speed and clarity and minimizes latency.

Service-level agreement (SLA). A Smithville DIA solution with a SLA means you’ll get what you pay for. In a new environment where many employees may be working remotely and extensively using videoconferencing services, having the confidence that your network won’t snag, lag or outright break is more critical than ever. If your company can’t afford the downtime, low-performance risks of a shared connection over a hybrid network, Smithville’s fiber-backed SLA will guarantee network uptime, and lack of latency, packet loss and jitter.

Better Guaranteed Response Time. Today every company is a technology company, and that means that reliable internet is With a Smithville DIA agreement, your company will receive a guaranteed response time instead of a “best effort” response typical of shared service agreements. What’s more, Smithville employs Cisco-certified engineers who are available 24/7 for high-quality troubleshooting.